Comparative Religions

In an age where religious tolerance for other faiths seems to wane, 2010
should be ashamed of itself.Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Gantama, are at best
veryrestless and unhappy spirits for they are seeing far right wing
sects and even some centre churches behaving very badly, using their
names in vain. Terrorism, nationalism, progroms, inquisitions, crusades,
holy wars and kamakazee pilots preach that the means justify the ends.
It never does. Every major world faith holds similar tenants: love thy
neighbour, show compassion and aid toward the downtrodden, live according
to high principles of conscience and family, honour your God. Never in the
pages of the Toran, or New Testament, or Koran do our disciples or prophets
condone such violent acts yet we see literal translations shaded to justify
vicious movements. Thus we must burn a mosque or ambush a Red Cross truck or ship.
The native North American aboriginal had it right - we share and nurture nature
and the great creator will provide for us all!
Simplistic yes, but if every family and by extension every nation taught and
showed respect, curiosity and consideration for other cultural differences and
heritages, we would have a much kinder world. Maybe everyone should go to
another faith's service or at the very least attend their own churches to get
it right; plus the body politic can butt out, that that is for another time.
by:Jill Reid