Why Islam - Foreword

I have been honored to review my dear brother Ahmed Shoker’s book “Why Islam? An Immigrant’s Pursuit in the Divine Revelation.”  This gave me a chance to read the manuscript twice and contribute my input wherever necessary which he gladly accepted and incorporated.

I find the book to be an honest expression of the questions raised by young Muslims growing up in a non-Muslim environment and the dilemmas encountered in answering them.   Such questions are, in fact, challenges to their faith and can pose risks to their belief unless they are satisfactorily considered.

Brother Shoker’s book is a good attempt in this direction.  It shows that we need more such initiatives in communicating with the new generation of Muslims born and raised here.  May Allah SW bless brother Shoker for his efforts and may He SW protect us all from ignorance, misunderstanding and mischief. Amen.

Arafat El-Ashi

Toronto, December 2003

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