The Islamic Neighborhood Journal

Mission Statement

This is a primarily web-based journal that addresses issues of both social and religious importance on the interaction between Muslim communities among themselves and between them and non-Muslim communities.  It targets all age groups.  A pivotal aim is to improve the understanding of the religion of Islam by non-Muslim communities and Muslims alike with the hope to build bridges among all communities.   

Structure of the Journal

To achieve our goal, I shall initiate a web page based journal.  I plan, as the chief editor, to solicit support from other interested individuals to help as editors of the journal.  We shall solicit articles from individuals with interest in the area.  Future expansion of our goal might include other means of communication such as invitation of public speakers, holding conferences and establishing a full time dedicated body to continue our mission. 

Characteristics of the Journal

This is a non-profitable project.  It will depend only on donations.  Future application for charitable status will depend on the level of the success of this project.

Methods of Communication

This web-based journal will be posted on the internet.  Individuals who are interested to receive our journal will be asked to submit their e-mail addresses.  There shall be no restriction on any individual to receive our journal. 

Frequency of Publication

Initially, the web-based journal will be updated on a monthly basis.  Depending on the progress of  the project, more frequent publications may be feasible.

Editor in Chief
Dr. Ahmed Shoker
Professor of medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Past president of the Islamic Association of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Inc.

Hamdi Osman Elmoselhi, Ph.d
Department of medicine,
University of Saskatchewan,
Saskatoon, SK